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Used Flexibles as Global Replacements for Steel, Concrete or Wood

Plastecowood has spent 7 years developing a proprietary, fully commercialised and proven process that recycles flexible or rigid mixed plastic packaging waste, converting it into a cost effective long lasting alternative to wood, steel or concrete for a huge number of end user applications.

Plastecowood currently uses mixed plastic waste (up to 100% flexibles) to make a carbon negative replacement for wood, steel and concrete. This replacement product is known as Smartawood and is a highly profitable, high gross margin use for flexible plastic waste. Smartawood can be used in a huge number of domestic and industrial applications around the world and is a unique solution for the world's mixed plastic packaging waste problem and specifically for flexible plastics.

Smartawood is sold for between USD $1000 and $4000 per tonne, depending on whether sold as lumber or as assembled product. Smartawood itself is 100% recyclable.

We can holistically use all manner of flexible plastic waste to make Smartawood from mono-layer film to multi-layer, decorated and with aluminium coatings.

It has taken 7 years to develop the proprietary Smartawood process and the company has enjoyed double digit growth for the last few years, with capacity increasing dramatically on the existing infrastructure. The equipment is modular and factories using it can be implemented outside every major city in the world, using waste created locally and turning it into a profitable local building material.

We intend to further reduce capital cost and increase operating output, despite the existing baseline equipment already having less than a 2 year payback at full capacity.

We can convert waste films into a profitable, high value and 100% recyclable end product that is more ecological rather than deforestation or manufacturing steel or concrete. All this can be done in a rapidly growing business that can be established and developed in any country.

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