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Upcycling Plastic Waste to Close the Plastic Waste Loop

De-MI technology offers scalable and commercially viable solutions that extract high quality virgin-like polymer from metallized and printed flexible packaging found in household waste. The recovered plastic can replace virgin plastic in primary applications including packaging to assist companies in ensuring environmental-compliance and global commitments, and accomplishing plastic waste circularity.

The plastic product segment is a fast growing sector globally, due primarily to the low cost, durability and light-weight features that are innate to plastics. Ironically these are also the same reasons why plastic is becoming an unpopular material worldwide: low-cost means high volume as its cheaper; durability means it stays in the environment long after its useful shelf life thus adding to environmental pollution; light-weight because it's the most visible amongst the trash items (floats in the water as opposed to paper bags which drown in it). According to a conservative estimate 39.5 million metric tons of total global plastic production was consumed by the packaging industry in 2020. Packaging products are commonly subjected to metallization and printing to achieve optimum barrier properties as well as branding and marketing objectives. Although the processes of metallization and printing are necessary, they are among the main hurdles hindering the upcycling of the metallized and printed plastic waste. The main challenge in achieving the circularity of flexibles is the unavailability of technologies that could recover high quality pristine polymer from metallized and printed household wastes and are also economically viable at large scale. We have overcome this most impeding challenge through years of R&D and have a disruptive technology in hand that is set to solve this problem at system level. We are seeking support for a large-scale deployment of our technology De-MI assuring the upcycling of flexibles by extracting high quality recycled plastic from metallized and printed film found in post-consumer household waste. We have established that the plastic recovered through our technology is as good as pristine plastic and can replace virgin plastic in primary applications thus contributing directly to achieving the circularity of flexibles. Through our running operation, we have demonstrated the commercial scale viability of the developed technology.

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