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Unwaste WASH & Sweep Rural & Island Villages

UPP! Safe Water Gardens and Sweepsmart clean up villages from all their plastic waste including all flexibles including multilayer sachets and foils and process this locally in the Upp! Mobile Factory. The plastic waste is subsequently recycled into parts for Safe Water Gardens, autonomous sanitation systems for village houses.

UPP! is using the Plastech Mixer-Melter technology able to recycle all plastic waste, unsorted, unshredded and unwashed. With this technology we implement a circular concept covering supply of feedstock as well as products, applications and the market.

Safe Water Gardens are the launching customer for a small scale UPP! mobile application. Locally sourced and collected flexibles, foils and multilayers will provide  the UPP! Mobile Factory solution with its feedstock.

The UPP! Mobile Factory solutions will be applied in a number of villages. In each village we'll start with an extensive clean-up operation to provide enough feedstock for 50 SWG systems. The clean-up operation should also be the kick-start for a structural waste collection set up (TPST-like) in every village.

Safe Water Bricks (SWBs) will be produced from the waste collected during the first collection sweep through the village and 50 SWG systems will use those SWBs. Collection and sorting (TPST) as well as building and installing should be done by villagers in their village supported by Sweepsmart, SWG and UPP!.

The local TPST should also collect and sort valuable plastics (e.g. PET and PE bottles, tin cans) to be sold to recyclers, hence providing an additional income.

This process will be set up regionally in 5 villages for one UPP! Mobile Factory and we will have 3 regions (with 5 villages each). The UPP! Mobile Factory will be operated and preferably owned by a regional organization.

In villages where the collection, sorting, processing of all plastic waste has been set up and SWGs have been installed additional SWGs (best practice has been shown in the village) and additional building elements for the SWG system and other applications can be made.

The project should be replicated in other regions, with more UPP! Mobile Factories, SWGs where necessary/possible.

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South & Southeast Asia
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Physical Recycling
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