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The Perfect Store by Modular Thinking

The perfect store is a model where the visual, exhibition and operational items for retail sector, are made of recycled plastics. As supermarkets are a main distribution source of flexible plastics, here is a point to start with the example in using recycled products.

The perfect store is a model where we focused in the main distribution source of flexible plastics, the retail stores. And here is a point to start with the example using recycled products but also an accessible point of residues captation either from customers and operations.

It consists in the design and execution of all the steps to ensure that all the plastic residues produced by the operations and customers, can be transformed into new products that are currently used in the supermarkets. These items currently developed by Modular Thinking are:

  • Modular Exhibition System (ARMO). Exhibitor for point of sale and storage configurations. Reusable. Completely Recyclable. Easy assembly and damaged pieces substitution. And can be used many times only with the change of graphics.
  • Plastic Pallets. Different models of pallets according to weight specification. The damaged pallets are recovered and reprocessed to produce new ones.
  • Shopping Carts. Substitution of metal use and giving the plastic residues another application item and are used in all stores. These trolleys can be fixed with parts from the same residues or used as raw material to produce new shopping carts.
  • Containers for plastics residues recollection in store and recycling kits, containers in different capacities.
  • Other like clothes hangers and large vegetable containers.

Right now, we have indicators that two main retail brands in Mexico are not using the classified residues in a Circular Economy. They send to recycling a large quantity of plastics but don't know the final use or how to measure the efficiency in recovery indicators. As we already have a logistic partner in recovery and process of residues, local plastic injectors, mold property, it is very easy for a large scale project.

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