Lagos State



The Drop Off Recycling Initiative

The Drop Off Recycling Initiative (DORI) is a unique digitalized post consumer recyclables recovery model that facilitates the aggregation of packaging waste for recycling. With the use of DORI bins, the collected used flexible packaging materials are stored, processed for conversion into school desk for children while aggregator get rewarded.

Flexibles have often been perceived as non-recyclable materials especially in developing countries, and have been either improperly disposed or burnt with other refuse as and unsuitable end of life. RecyclePoints will raise massive awareness towards sensitizing the public about the recyclability of flexibles and the importance of including them in the recycling value chain.

With the use of our Drop Off Recycling Initiative, flexibles used by households and businesses will be collected and stored by households, processed (e.g. washing, drying), and sent to our recycling partners who produces plastic lumbers from the processed flexibles for the purpose of making durable plastic chairs for students.

Lead organization region / continent
Africa and Middle East
Location of future work
Africa & Middle East
Solution type
Collection Mechanism
Physical Recycling
Non-Plastic End Markets
Consumer Behavior