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Secure Supply Chain Traceability for a Circular Economy

To extend the life of household products, we want to understand where they come from, what they are made of, and where they will end up. Circularise offers a blockchain-powered software platform to create and manage digital product passports, allowing businesses to securely share information with their value chains.

Circularise offers a holistic and innovative solution addressing flexible plastic waste at source. Our software platform creates digital twins of products containing flexible plastic packaging. Key insights are added to the record at each step along the supply chain, with passports flowing with physical products. This provides a complete record of a product that stores such information as which materials were used, when and how they were changed, and how to extract high-quality, fit-for-purpose materials and recycle them at the end of life. The record, in turn, can be shared selectively without risking sensitive data by using our patent-pending Smart Questioning technology. Ultimately, it helps to solve the problem recycling facilities face when they do not have enough data on materials inside the household waste, which hinders the recyclability.

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