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Second Life for Household Flexible Plastic Waste

This solution allows an efficient recovery of household flexible plastic waste by converting it into low-density polyethylene resins which can be used to produce flexible packaging and other plastic products. It's a proven solution that has saved over 10 000MT of the wastes from landfills during the last 3 years.

Modix will work with the local recycling facilities to convert the flexible films found in household waste into recycled resins. This business model will reduce the footprint of flexible plastic wastes in landfill and in our environment, at the same time it will offer thousands of tons of recycled LDPE resins to replace virgin resins. During the last 3 years, Modix has improved the modern recycling technology specially the pre-wash technology to be able to work and treat with heavy contaminated household waste, when the input material quality is higher, both the productivity and the output product's quality are all higher.  

Modix's objective is to reduce the plastic waste and extend the lifecycle of the plastic in the supply chain by building a local circular economy for plastic. Modix offers an effective solution to the environmental problem enhanced by the lack of local solutions in the recycling industry in North America due to the shutdown of the Chinese import of plastic waste, which generated serious problems in recycling industry. Modix wants to position itself as part of the balance of a circular economy by participating in the recycling of plastic waste and transforming it into granules useful for the production of a variety of transformed products. Indeed, LDPE and LLDPE plastic granules produced by Modix, are part of a list of the most popular raw materials and are highly sought after by thousands of manufacturers of furniture, electrical appliances and all kinds of products of plastic produced in North America, China and other countries. Certain materials also represent an issue for sorting centres and municipalities since they are difficult to recycle, but those same materials will serve as supply for Modix's production, meaning it not only produces recycled resins but also helps local organizations.

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North America
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North America
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Sorting and Preparation
Physical Recycling