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Ricron Panels: Scalable Circular Solution to Multi Layer Plastics Waste

Ricron is a technology driven company that converts multi layer plastic waste into eco-friendly building materials. Ricron is a 100% effective building material alternative to commoditised products such as plywood, cement boards, steel sheets etc used in a number of large scale applications such as housing, and furniture.

We are a waste plastic recycling company and our proprietary technology focuses on converting low value multilayer plastics (MLP) waste into useful building materials. MLPs pose a threat to the environment and are the single largest source of land and ocean plastic pollution in the world. India alone generates roughly 26,000 tons of plastic per day and almost all of uncollected plastics are MLPs and flexibles. Our products called 'Ricron Panels' are cost effective eco-friendly substitutes of common building materials such as plywood, MDF, timber, cement sheets, metal sheets etc., with suitable properties such as high strength, resistance to water, fire, corrosion, and chemicals, and are 100% recyclable.

For every 500 sq. ft. of one-bedroom house created using Ricron - with walls, partitions, false ceiling, flooring, roofing, furniture items such as beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs, doors, kitchen cabinets etc. made fully in Ricron - nearly 10,000 kg of building materials in the form of timber, plywood, MDF, cement sheets, metal sheets etc. are avoided from being used. These building materials consume fresh resources of our planet, where trees are cut down or earth is mined, are replaced with equivalent amount of waste plastics from entering our oceans, rivers, lakes, forests, landfills and even atmosphere.

We present a proven and scalable solution to possibly diverting millions of tonnes globally from entering our oceans, rivers and forests in the most efficient circular ways. The life cycle of Ricron is in decades whereas if compared to recylates being used in secondary packaging would lead to a shorter cycle of cradle to grave. Today we are building strong inroads in supply chain of waste plastics collection, deeper distribution network and channels of sales along with building value added products that fetch USD 3.5 per kg from waste plastic materials sourced at USD 0.06 per kg.

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