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Rethinking Recycling - Creating a Circular Economy for Complex Flexible Films

Flexible films in household waste are typically comprised of LLDPE/HDPE, PP, PU, PLA, or PET. Our process allows for composite materials (e.g. LLDPE+PET) to be separated, so each plastic component can be recycled individually. Afterwards, our chemical recycling technology is further applied to recycle these plastics to their raw components.

Our solution delivers a cutting edge strategy to change the way flexible films in household waste are treated, through a revolutionary room temperature method to separate out composites of LLDPE/HDPE/PP + PET/PLA/PU. PET/PLA/PU are depolymerized from the films, and UV inks are removed, leaving behind clean LLDPE/HDPE/PP that can be diverted to mechanical recyclers. The chemical recycling technology developed by DePoly has improved upon the current recycling systems (e.g. mechanical and chemical recycling) via an enhanced system that operates at room temperature (lower LCA value), is robust against contaminants (food waste, soaps, glues, etc), and does not require pre-washing, pre-cleaning or pre-separation of complex film systems.

The innovation of the process allows polymers such as PET,PLA, and PU to be separated from the composite, and recycled back to their original raw materials (e.g. PTA and MEG), while the remaining plastic component - such as LLDPE - can either be chemically recycled via a secondary step, or given to plastic recyclers directly for remelting. This process ultimately converts low valued flexible film waste into high valued materials.

Our groundbreaking solution not only changes the landscape of recycling, it strengthens and transforms existing circular solutions that aim to eliminate plastic waste, it will fundamentally change the petrol/oil market by creating a first ever market for sustainable petrol based chemicals (extraction of high valued products fit for sustainable plastic production or other applications), and finally bridge both the upstream and downstream portions of the plastic value chain - creating a truly circular and sustainable value chain for flexible household waste films.

Since incorporation in 2020, we've built up a strong network of companies and stakeholders that have partnered with us to tackle different aspects of the plastic problem. Our platform is robust, tackling the most difficult plastic waste components typically sent to landfills or incineration centres.

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