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Removing Corrosives and Catalyst Poison Impurities from Household-Plastic Pyrolysis Oil

PUREMAX™ technology involves cost and energy efficient extraction of impurities from pyrolysis oil produced from flexible films found in household waste. These impurities are chlorine, bromine, nitrogen, oxygen, silica, asphalt, metal and heavy metal.  The purified pyrolysis oil is a feedstock for downstream production of circular plastics and sustainable chemicals.

APChemi's pyrolysis oil purification technology, PUREMAX™,  removes pyrolysis oil organic and inorganic impurities of chlorine, bromine, nitrogen, oxygen, metals, silica, asphalt, acids, etc. PUREMAX™ technology does not use adsorbents or hydro-treating for the removal of these impurities from pyrolysis oil produced from mixed post-consumer plastic waste. PUREMAX™ technology is also able to use the waste heat produced during pyrolysis for the purification of pyrolysis oil.

Water is not used in the core process involving the removal of organic chlorine, bromine, nitrogen and oxygen impurities.

Purified pyrolysis oil produced from Mumbai is post-consumer plastic waste via PUREMAX™ technology and has been approved by 4 Global petrochemical companies as a feedstock for the production of circular plastics and sustainable chemicals.

We have a prototype TRL7 pilot plant that can produce proof of concept quantities of 5 to 10 litre of purified pyrolysis oil.  Using the seed funds recently raised, we are in process of building a larger pilot plant that can produce a 100-litre proof-of-concept quantity of purified pyrolysis oil using PUREMAX™ technology. The objective of the larger pilot is to predict and eliminate scale-up-related challenges.

Our highly scalable pyrolysis oil purification technologies can be adopted by existing pyrolysis plants as well as petrochemical assets for the cost-effective purification of contaminated pyrolysis oil.

Our energy-efficient pyrolysis oil purification technology eliminates the use of chemicals.

Our innovation has 1 granted patent and 6 more patents in the pipeline.

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