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Post-Consumer Multi-Layered Plastic Waste Recycling into Circular Products

Our solution recycles post-consumer multi-layered plastic waste through a patented process into high-quality granules, which are used further to manufacture wide range of products of higher value.  With this patented process, we have already successfully converted 2,00,000 MT of multilayer waste into granules, which are used by plastic product manufacturers.

The solution focuses on collection and recycling post-consumer multilayer plastic waste through patented and converting it into plastic granules which can be further used to manufacture wide range of higher value product. Those products can be recycled into same products for n number of times putting resource back into circular economy.

In brief, the solution provides: 1) extraction of maximum resource value, 2) maximum resource  utilization, 3) productive use of resources, 4) converts zero value resource to a higher value product.

Process begins with collection of mixed plastic waste from households, urban local bodies, scrape traders, NGOs, ragpickers, etc, which is further  segregated grade-wise and density-wise at the collection centre.

In the next step, waste is sent to the washing line for decontamination and the plastic waste is washed using water (the water is recycled and reused again further) to remove impurities such as oil, dirt, labels, adhesives, etc. from the plastic waste.

After washing, the plastic waste is dried using a dryer and thereafter loaded to different conveyer belts that take the plastic wastes through different agglomerators which densifies the washed plastic flakes and then getting them ready for granulation.  

The final step is manufacturing pallets using a palletizer in a uniform shape and size. At granulations process we add chemicals and additives to enhance the properties of pallets These pallets can be used as raw materials and are used to manufacture new plastic products.

Granules produced after recycling of post-consumer mixed plastic waste can be used to manufacture range of products such as, tiles, pallets, benches, etc., which are of high value and can be recycled again, which keeps plastic waste out of the environment.

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