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Photoredox Degradation and Physical Regeneration of Plastics into Sustainable Cycle

Physical regeneration and photoredox chemical degradation was adopted to sort and regenerate waste plastics, and achieve the dual pathway green sustainable cycle of plastics.

For AI classified categories, granulation goes in two different directions:

1. Physical regeneration.

After intelligent identification, cleaning and granulation, we prepare recycled trays, garbage cans and other products, create a closed loop for recycling of household soft package waste and promote sustainable development of household soft package.

2. Chemical degradation.

Several cycles of physical regeneration followed by chemical degradation to monomer. Chemical degradation: Firstly, different catalytic modes are divided according to the different bond breaking modes for degradation of various plastic particles. The precise degradation of all kinds of plastics via the visible-light under ambient temperature and pressure, and get clean commercial monomers. The photosensitizer in the chemical degradation protocol is compatible with oxygen and water, and scale of kilogram experiments of real plastics in the laboratory have been achieved, which lays a solid foundation for the industrialization of real plastic chemical degradation.

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