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Manufactured Containerised Advanced Recycling Units for Dirty And Mixed Plastics

IQ Energy Inc is manufacturing a modular, scalable and replicable advanced recycling unit. The unique patented Thermal Molecular Sorting (TMS) process eliminates the need for costly pre-sorting and opens the ability to addresses dirty and mixed plastics to an oil suitable for production of virgin plastics.

IQ Energy's advanced recycling unit is novel in having a large focus on dirty and mixed plastics through its patented Thermal Molecular Sorting (TMS) process. The TMS approach means it can address a much greater portion of the plastic waste problem, such as MRF residuals that come from household waste and legacy wastes, than other advanced recycling units that are currently in the market, as these are predominantly focused on clean and sorted plastics. The IQ units will recycle plastics back into a plastic derived crude oil that can be refined into a variety of consumer or industrial products including virgin plastics. These continuous, plug and play units will be off grid, as the energy is generated predominantly from the organic component, and they have a significant positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Taking a manufactured approach means the TMS system can be quickly and readily replicated once proven. The aim is to have the first commercial IQ advanced recycling unit operational in Canada, by Q4, 2022 and proving out the viability of the business model and the TMS system. From this first unit there is a pipeline of projects that are interested in the TMS system.

Specifics of advanced recycling of plastics (Pyrolysis unit) --  Each HTP-1000 module can process up to 8000 tonnes per annum of various waste types including dirty and mixed plastics. It is a continuous 24/7 operation, highly automated and combined with sophisticated gas cleaning and emissions controlled. This unit is fully containerised and remotely supported by satellite.

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