Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife Nigeria


Osun State



Innovative Pathways for Sustainable Plastic Consumption

Our goal is to design innovative and sustainable strategies for flexible plastic circularity among producers and consumers. We propose a recycling of plastics using a recycling plant. A household survey consumption and disposal pattern will be conducted. We will develop mobile application/software to connecting consumers/manufacturers.

Respondents for the study will include heads of households in Nigeria, manufacturers and consumers of plastic wastes.

Questionnaires will be developed for the study. The first set will be administered on the heads of households to elicit information on plastic consumption. Information elicited will also include mode of disposal. Data on socio-economic demographics of this group of respondents as well as their preferences for recycled plastic materials will be elicited.

Information on the country of origin of raw material inputs, production equipment and machinery, off-grid alternative power generation equipment and distribution vehicles will also be collected. Information on the profiles of the firms such as sales, profits, taxes paid, income generated from exports, investment, location, number of employees, and their ages, gender, educational qualifications, skills and so on will also be gathered. Information on innovative sustainable environmental practices employed in production and disposal will also be solicited.

The questionnaire will elicit information on the existence and adherence to public policies and strategies designed for proper waste disposal of textile materials and production wastes and impact of these wastes on the environment. Soil, air and water samples will be collected at landfills, city refuse disposal sites and where plastic production plants and activities take place.

We will purchase/fabricate machines for recycling plastics. There will be public awareness to submit waste plastic products. This will be shredded and converted to other products.

Lead organization region / continent
Africa and Middle East
Location of future work
Africa & Middle East
Solution type
Physical Recycling
Consumer Behavior