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HYDRACYCLE -- Innovation in Recycling Flexible Plastics from Mixed Household

Fiberight's innovative resource recovery platform, HYDRACYCLE™, captures recyclable materials from waste and upgrades these into high-value market-ready products. The robust process works with mixed, contaminated household wastes that are typically burnt/buried. As part of this, flexible plastics are sustainably recovered, sorted and recycled for use in the circular economy.

Fiberight's HYDRACYCLE™ process recovers 80%+ of the materials in household mixed wastes, and upgrades these into circular economy products. Fiberight's game-changing solution uses water to capture recyclable materials from waste, these are then converted into high-value high-quality fit-for-purpose recyclates.

Through operation of HYDRACYCLE ™, Fiberight has found flexible plastics (primarily polyolefins) to be the most abundant material in household waste.

Commercial infrastructure for the processing and recycling of flexible plastics in waste is significantly lacking; only 6% of flexible plastics are recycled in the UK(1).

As a solution to this challenge, Fiberight's technology recovers, sorts and recycles all plastic films/flexible from mixed waste streams including mixed residual, MRF-rejects (waste-sorting rejects), and on-the-go/food-retail outlet wastes that are currently incinerated/landfilled/exported as RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel). The unique process also captures and upgrades other materials including food, metal, rigid plastics, and paper/card. Thus, any food or paper residues associated with flexible plastics (typically regarded as problematic by traditional recycling processes) are recovered and used in other product streams - a key benefit of HYDRACYCLE™.

Fiberight is now demonstrating the ability to further sort and purify flexible plastics through phased implementation of value-add steps including washing, polymer separation and extrusion to produce different recyclate grades. Fiberight is working to ensure all grades can be utilised in manufacturing, so the company can be agile with supply/demand cycles.

Fiberight is engaging the whole supply chain (feedstock suppliers, recyclers, off-takers and end-users) to prove their mixed-waste to high-quality recyclate concept. Using mixed unsorted waste will deliver a new stream of recyclates to the market; increasing the supply for ever-growing demand.

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