Kanton Aargau



Highly Rigid Boards Made From Mixed-Plastic Waste for Construction Purposes

We have developed a patented, game changing new serial production technology, which processes very high volumes of such post consumer plastic waste to boards. With these boards, houses can be built (floors, walls, roofs), furniture and much more. The technology is scalable and implementable in any country.

Our newly developed proprietary technology shortly described:

1). As raw material, we also use cleaned flexibles from house hold waste, in form or flakes. After compacting the flakes to  pellets, we process them to boards. In this form we can process non-separable plastic waste particles from post consumer streams (foils, food packaging, etc.)

2). This raw material is heated, melted, put in a "board form," cooled down. Using an energy efficient and iso-thermal process which produces boards with high quality, made 100% from plastic waste.

3). Output: A board with the dimensions of  2.4 x 1.2m (2.88m2) and in thicknesses from 10-40mm.

To establish higher rigidity, we can also produce sandwich structures with higher quality skin sheets also made from 100% recycled materials.

Key facts:

  • Robustness: weatherproof, rot-proof, moisture repellent and can be used all year round.
  • Economical: The usage time is long  and also longer as wooden boards; they have low maintenance costs and are resistant to oils, alkalis, acids and salt water; they are easy to process with the same tools that are commonly used in the wood and plastic processing industries (drilling, sawing, milling,...)
  • Sustainability: can be recycled again.

4). As we do not use additives to alter the chemical composition, our products can be put back into our process cycle "again and again and again" after end-of-life - a cradle-to-cradle process.

Due to the variety of such plastics, these are difficult to reuse in an industrial process and are currently thermally recycled (burnt) or put to landfills or are thrown away and end up in the sea.

Our technology provides a new industrial process, providing the means for mass usage of these plastic waste to put it in a circular loop and circular economy.

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