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High Capacity, Bale to Monomer Circular Film Facility Solution

Using a comprehensive approach towards supply chain and combined recycling technologies, Encina's solution aims to increase throughput of recyclate conversion into monomer products. Including a pilot education program to increase curbside volume, design of on-purpose, higher capacity mechanical, and advanced recycling lines for mixed film streams.

Our solution starts with a trial education of a select municipal community where recycling films are increased through curbside recycling. Working with the selected municipal recycling centre, Encina aims to increase the mixed plastic film collected and sorted volume including in-plant optimisations and recycling line design. The combination of the municipal curbside and recycling centre approaches will help identify the nominal approach for a larger roll out across other applicable municipalities where collection and recycling facilities are well-suited.

Separately from the collection initiative, Encina will conduct a feasibility study in increased film capacity within the mechanical recycling facility in the existing Encina plant design. Engineering feasibility will identify any process-limiting areas within the sorting, cleaning circuits, and material handling, where additional demonstrations and developments can be determined. Where existing recycling line designs have low or plant-limiting capacities, an on-purpose, high-capacity recycling process design or alternative technologies with existing high-capacity solutions would be pursued to address and optimise Encina's plant design.  

After addressing the higher mixed film capacity volumes, additional removal of metal and other contaminant materials contained and surrounding the plastic film will be addressed within Encina's catalytic conversion platform. Additional demonstrations from the as-processed, mixed film stream will be demonstrated at Encina's facilities to convert to chemical monomers.

Our existing recycling facility will initially convert the prepared mixed film feedstocks to aromatic chemical monomers, such as benzene, toluene, and mixed xylenes. A parallel optimisation effort will improve yields towards olefin monomers by expanding current catalytic formulation work to increase the fraction of ethylene and propylene.

Additional plant design feasibility will be evaluated for the chemical-portion of Encina's facility design to capture the olefin monomers for offtake. Encina will identify additional future manufacturing sites to address the increase in film volume from the supporting municipalities where geographic proximity is limiting.

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