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Energy Recovery from Household/Legacy Plastics - Channelization

Post-consumer plastics in Household waste can be co processed in cement plants as an alternative fuel source. Zigma has recovered 0.77 million MT of plastics from MSW landfills in India and has supplied the same to various cement industries for co-processing, thereby reducing the plastic footprint and counting.

With increasing urbanization and lifestyle changes, the percentage of Monolayer and Multilayer Plastic (MLP) in Household waste or Municipal Solid Waste is on the rise consistently. They are non-biodegradable and non-recyclable. Co-processing is a technology that converts plastics into alternative fuels. Simply put, it's when the plastics are burned for their energy to be used as fuel rather than using fossils like petroleum and coal. Most developed and developing countries incinerate multi-layer plastic waste. Various Life Cycle Assessment studies denote that co-processing offers superior environmental performance to landfilling and incineration. The most noteworthy advantages of co-processing MLPs include the Reduction of GHG emissions, as the waste is used to replace Fossil Fuels, and the destruction of plastic waste due to high temperature, and long residence time thus avoiding the formation of dioxins and furans. Co-processing is recognized by the UNEP Basel Convention as a practical, cost-efficient, safe and environmentally preferred option compared to other waste treatment options for MLP.

Zigma has completed 17 Landfill Mining and Reclamation Projects (LFMR) thus reclaiming 250 acres of land by LFMR. Zigma has processed 7.5 million MT of legacy waste from dumpsites and has recovered and disposed 0.77 million MT of Plastics to cement plants for co-processing thus reducing the plastic footprint.

Currently Zigma operates 13 LFMR projects across India and on its completion Zigma will process an additional 6.49 million MT of legacy waste thus recovering and disposing an additional 1.3 million MT of MLP's to cement plants for co processing.

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