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Empower Global Plastic Waste Deposit & Tracking Platform

A digital platform based on the same philosophy as the Norwegian bottle deposit system. By giving plastic waste a value, Empower stops the leakage of plastic into the environment and cost-efficiently incentivizes the collection of leaked waste. This way we create local waste collection infrastructure, local entrepreneurs and sustainable jobs.

From the beginning, Empower had a clear focus on closing the tap and formalizing the informal sector. In that sense, we provide digital tools for all stakeholders along the waste value chain, aiming at a circular inclusive economy. This way, we can enable a decentralized global waste management system where we crowdsource collection and segregation at source, to facilitate high recycling rates along with the principles of the world's most successful recycling system, the plastic bottle deposit system.

Empower makes use of digitization and new technology in order to create a global and highly scalable platform that can track any kind of plastic, any material, in order to get it back into the circular economy.

Laying the foundation for a global collection platform where materials and products are kept in the economy, where those who can do segregation and collection are properly rewarded. We have built a cost-efficient platform that brings hundreds of billions of tons of materials back into the economy every year, creating a better, more sustainable and  financially stronger economy.

Empower Platform was made with plastics as a starting point, and made customizable to track any kind and state of plastics, thus it is material agnostic. Current users are tracking all kinds of plastics, in addition to metal scrap (iron, aluminum), wood, e-waste and individual products. The admin and customization tools on the platform ensure this is tailored and easily implementable for each step of the value chain, making it easy to operate also for unskilled labor.

With a high level of customization available at the source segregation step, Empower tracks and isolates recyclates from flexible plastics inside the supply chains. Data attached to the materials are aggregated and transmitted along the value chain, allowing extraction by off-takers of the best fit-for-purpose materials.

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