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e-Coleta- Recycling Platform/Sustainable Social Network

Efficient logistics for the selection, disposal, collection and storage of urban solid waste, including plastic film, made through a software that will monitor the entire chain: from purchase, to the consumption cycle in homes to the recycling and storage industries.

The e-COLETA solution for monitoring and for the circularity of packaging produced in flexible plastics and other urban solid waste, is impressive due to its high-tech management technology and, especially, its innovative idea, with the proposal of a new methodology for separation, disposal, and especially the new storage model, as well as collection and disposal for recycling. The current model of disposal, storage, transport and final destination of flexible films and other waste will be completely overcome by the simplicity, practicality and ease provided by the system. The impact that will be caused by the innovation in the implementation of the e-COLETA system will be enormous and beneficial for the sustainability of the entire planet.

The great advantage of e-COLETA is that it is fully scalable and that the same solution for selection, disposal, collection, transport, recycling, structures and storage areas will be replicated in other contexts (waste). The project already contemplates the positioning of this strategy in a broad way and also for all sizes of cities and countries. The initial numbers projected, especially for a country like Brazil, demonstrate full economic and financial viability. To get an idea, we cite as an example the plastics market in general, where flexible plastics are included, representing a value of around *R$ 55 billion/year in the resale market for recycling. We do not have accurate information on how much flexible plastic waste represents in this large market. Quoted in US Dollars, this value represents US$ 10 billion (USD exchange rate on 07/20/2022 = R$ 5.46).

The Application-App is an innovative solution in the management of the entire chain, developed to monitor all stages from the commercial establishment, through the consumer, collection, recycling industry and storage.

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South and Central America and Caribbean
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South/Central America & Caribbean
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