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Delivering Standardized & Traceable "Pre-Mix Recyclates" for Engineering Applications

Our solution is to deliver standardized, traceable and ready to use pre-mixed recyclates fit for a variety of engineering applications. The integrated approach improves collection & sorting, technology upgradation in washing & recycling and application-oriented compounding, thereby minimizing viability gap by maximizing industry adoption and achieving circularity of flexible plastics.

Impact: Our solution is to deliver standardized, traceable and ready to use pre-mixed recyclates fit for high-end engineering applications through a compliant supply chain.

Scalable: The solution is a combination of physical infrastructure and digital traceability, enabling ethical sourcing, compliant processing, evidence backed certified feedstock.  This phygital process is replicable in any geography with availability of flexible plastics

Feasible: Emmbi and Recity have already re-processed 1KT of flexible PCR into commercial products exported to the United Kingdom in the last 9 months. We are positive in achieving 20KT in 5-10 years

Innovative: Achieving traceable & consistent PCR grade from flexible plastics fit for commercial applications will eliminate the need for viability gap funding and increase the recovery of flexible packaging.

Currently, no value chain member is incentivized to collect, recover or process flexible plastics in municipal waste. For that reason, it is either dumped, burned or littered and finds its way to forests, rivers and oceans. Secondly PE fractions of flexible packaging fetch value, which is predominantly recycled by the informal recycling. Their PCR lacks consistency and quality. Making it unfit for upcycling or adoption by industry.

Our approach is to improve the end-to-end efficiency by implementing behavior change at source to derive clean plastics from municipal supply chain, bulk generators, informal value chain and clean-ups. This material is delivered to our material recovery facility, wherein our trained staff sort and bale clean flexible plastics. This is received by a compliant three step washing facility, squeezed, mechanically recycled and further dispatched to the compounding facility. Using a specific formulation the desired compatibilizers are added to create pre-mix recyclates fit upcycled high-end applications. This process from sourcing to final pre-mix recyclates is managed through a digital platform providing data, material quality and confidence to industry.

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