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Botellas de Amor Fundación ("Bottles of Love Foundation")

We educate the community to raise awareness and teach them to take responsibility for their flexible plastic waste by compacting them in any plastic bottle. These are then collected and transformed into Recycled Plastic Lumber for the construction of housing and urban furniture that we donate to the vulnerable population.

Latin America produces 32,500 tons of flexible plastic waste every day and the recyclability rate does not reach 1% due to its low weight, low market value and high volume, making reverse logistics impossible.

Botellas de Amor makes each inhabitant aware of their flexible plastics by introducing and compressing in a plastic bottle,  and then transporting them to our collection points in different parts of the city.

This makes an empty 5-liter bottle become a container, where we manage to compact and reduce its volume, allowing up to 1 kilo of domestic flexible plastics to be stored, obtaining densities of up to 200 kilograms per cubic meter, once again making reverse logistics viable.

It's important to clarify at this point that a person spends 45 minutes of his time putting 1 kilogram of household plastics into a 5-liter bottle. This externality would represent that a person in the USA who earned the minimum wage donates $12 USD in labor, or $1 USD for a person in Latin America.

In Latam, a kilogram of flexible packaging costs $10 USD, a gram of flexible plastic costs 1 cent of a dollar; therefore my plastic package that weighs 7 grams can cost 7 cents and after one use it's thrown in the trash where it loses all its economic value without taking into account the environmental costs.

If a person fills a Bottle of Love, they not only donate 1 dollar of work, but also save lots of cents of a dollar from ending up in the trash, allowing the Foundation to produce a 1 dollar recycled plastic profile kg that's then transformed into a house of 2 dollars per kg (a kg of original resin costs 2 dollars in the market). That's what makes us environmentally, economically and socially smart.

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