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Biodegradable and Compostable Films for Packaging and Reduce Household Waste

Compostable films are solutions capable of providing an effective response to the manage of plastic waste, with a short life cycle, reducing the amount of plastic to be handled. Vincentius Bio/compostable films close the circle of nature in which nothing is waste but everything returns to being a resource.

We are sure that compostable films can be a great solution to replace flexible packaging in food and not the food industry in household waste. The compostable film waste is treated together with the food scraps trashed in the compostable bags, our film is treated in the same way as the compostable bags, so, they are normally collected from the municipal organization and treated in the compost site. Our films Vincentius-BOVI and Vincentius-POF are industrial compost certified and Vincentius-SuperPower is Home compostable certified and no need to be in special condition to start his own biodegradation and decomposition.

This film helps to reduce plastic waste managed by municipalities and states and helps the recycling of single plastic waste.

Classic plastic POF shrinkable film is normally produced with two polymers in co-extrusion and therefore can not be recycled; our Vincentius-POF is compostable monomaterial it can be also recycled. It has low thickness, from 15 micron to 25 micron; in compost sites in presence of bacterials, funghi, water and stable temperature, it starts decomposing and becomes high quality humus, fertilizer in less than three months. Is the world's first transparent shrinkable film with high performance, able to replace the classic plastic with even better technical characteristics than the plastic.

We improve an existing technology in order to be able to produce our innovative films, which are able to replace the classic polluting plastic films in many different fields as a multi purpose film.

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