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AI Powered Recovery of Flexible Plastics

We have developed AI powered high speed air sorters for flexible packaging. Our AI vision can identify flexible packaging based on polymer layer definition as well well as earlier use, such as food grade, oily etc. Such categorisation immensely helpful for recyclers to produce high quality products.

Flexible plastic packaging has been adopted widely worldwide as these come with range of inherent benefits, such as lightweight so cheaper to ship, ability to keep product fresh and protected for longer time, and possibility to customize with not only graphic design but also the structural design. However, recyclability of these flexible packaging is very low primarily due to non-availability of scalable technologies to recover the multilayer packaging from a mixed stream of waste.  In addition, a large volume of these flexible packaging is of nature where multiple layers of different polymers are involved and recyclers find difficult to process the material if material is not sorted based on definition of the different layers of the multilayered flexible packaging.  

With our AI powered Air Sorter SUKA(R), we are able to not only recover flexible material on a very high speed and therefore provide scalable offering for recovery but also separate the multilayered flexible packaging on the basis of definition of the different layers involved.  It is a scalable material recovery technology which is adopted for post-consumer waste stream to efficiently recover the multi-layered flexible packaging material based on the structure and layers. We would like to play role of catalyst to enable circularity of flexible films in the world with the help of our AI solution.

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South and Southeast Asia
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South & Southeast Asia
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Sorting and Preparation