Paul Collins

Director of Global Packaging Sustainability, Science & Technology, PepsiCo

Dr. Paul Collins is the PepsiCo Director of Global Packaging Sustainability, Science & Technology – Foods Category. He has been with PepsiCo for almost 6 years and was previously the Europe Region Packaging R&D lead.

After completing his post-doctoral fellowship at the Industrial Materials Institute in Montreal, he held several R&D roles with a specialization in polymers being the common thread. In previous roles he was instrumental in creating the carbon fibre wing manufacturing process for the Bombardier C-Series (Now Airbus A220) aircraft as well as developing high temperature flexible films for the poultry industry to reduce the incidence of campylobacter contamination during the preparation and cooking of raw poultry.

Paul holds a Bachelor’s in Aeronautical Engineering and a Ph.D in polymer processing focusing on the heat transfer and friction of thermoformed polypropylene. He has published a number of peer-reviewed journal and conference papers on both thermoforming and blow molding.

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