Gerald Rebitzer

Director, Sustainability, Amcor Flexibles

As Director Sustainability, Gerald Rebitzer is head of Sustainability at Amcor Flexibles. This role encompasses both environmental management and social responsibility from an operations perspective as well as working with customers and suppliers to enhance the performance of the packaging products Amcor provides to the food, home-, medical- and personal care, and pharmaceutical industries.

As a key part of this role, Gerald focuses on the implementation of Amcor’s Pledge to develop all packaging to be reusable or recyclable by 2025. This includes design for recyclability efforts, ways to incorporate more post-consumer recycled content as well as significantly increasing actual recycling rates across the globe.

Gerald has a 25-year track record of embedding and driving sustainability in organizations and across value chains, from raw materials production, conversion/processing, distribution, and use, to waste management and recycling. During this time he spent the last 15 years in the packaging sector. He is an avid networker with strong connections to decision-makers and professionals from the full range of stakeholders (e.g. > 6000 LinkedIn followers).

He holds a Ph.D. in Life Cycle Management from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne and a Masters in Environmental Engineering from the Technical University Berlin. He is editor for The International Journal of LCA and was member of the Executive Committee of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition for six years. Among other leadership roles in industry groups, Gerald is currently chairman of the steering committee of the CEFLEX initiative (Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging), which is a value chain initiative with more than 190 stakeholders driving circularity of flexible packaging from all materials (paper, aluminium, plastics). He also led a standardization effort for recycling of flexible packaging within the New Plastics Economy Initiative of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Additionally, Gerald is active in 4evergreen, the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, and the Consumer Goods Forum – all key initiatives to enhance the circularity of packaging and drive sustainability improvements.