Ed Kosior

Managing Director, Nextek/NextLooPP

Ed Kosior is Managing Director at Nextek Limited, an internationally recognised consultancy in plastics recycling and a leading developer of new packaging technologies for UK.

Edward (FSPE, FIOMMM, FRSA) has been active as an innovator in polymer technology for the past 35 years both within universities and recycling enterprises. He is an Honorary Professor at Brunel University UK and Fellow of The Society of Plastics Engineers; The Institute of Materials, Metal and Mining; Royal society of the Arts. He recently received the Prince Philip Medal for “Polymers in the service of man.”

His specialisations are advanced recycling plastics technologies including food grade from post consumer plastics such as PET, HDPE and PP, mixed plastics recycling, minimizing carbon footprint of packaging; bioplastics packaging; reducing plastics in the oceans, and waste plastics to fuel technology.

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