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Simplify Your Waste - An Ingenious Solution for A Multilayered Problem

GAW Technologies GmbH



The CreaSolv process precisely separates different polyolefins from a mixture of plastics waste. A selectively acting solvent physically dissolves individual polyolefin grades from mixed post-consumer flexible packaging waste. Insoluble residuals such as labels or inorganics, other polyolefins and polymers, pigments, debris, or organic residues can be effectively removed from the solution. In consecutive process steps, the polymer solution is purified, stabilised, and converted into PCR pellets. The solvent is non-hazardous and safe in industrial applications, and can be reused in a closed loop. Further polyolefin grades can be extracted from the remaining insoluble residues with the same process by adjusting the parameters or modifying the solvent.

Major assets of the CreaSolv process are:

  • CreaSolv incorporates separation, purification and re-pelletizing in one comprehensive process.
  • The physical dissolution of the polymer molecule does not affect its chemical structure - the macromolecule remains.
  • The process is performed at much lower temperatures compared to conventional methods, without exposure to oxygen, thus thermal and chemical degradation do not take place.
  • The solvent-based process operates at low viscosities and shear rates which prevents mechanical degradation of the polymer molecules
  • The process reveals a very high separation accuracy and purification efficiency. Particles and debris less than 10 µm in size can be removed, thus the PCR is applicable for film blowing with 100% recyclate content.
  • Odorous substances are removed, increasing the value of PCR pellets for reapplication.
  • The CreaSolv process focuses on plastics waste streams that cannot be recycled with existing technologies.  

The major objectives of the consortium are to process upscale from industrial demonstrator (Technology Readiness Level 6) to industrial size/capacity (20 kt/year, Technology Readiness Level 9), and the commercialisation of the technology.

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