$3 Million Awardee

CleanBlueTech: Solvent-Based Washing Technology that Enables Circular Use of Flexibles

Blue Plastics B.V.




CleanBlueTech is a  solvent-based close-loop washing technology that removes smell, glue, print-ink, and organic residues from any plastic flexible film waste including curbside collected, warehouse, supermarket, and post-consumer streams. It has been shown to use 70% less energy and 100% less water than current washing processes. It enables the circular use of film and has the highest possible impact on CO2 footprint in plastic use, as most films have a very limited usage time before becoming waste. It works at mild temperatures and does not use environmentally harmful chemicals and is a circular use of washing solvent.


CleanBlueTech enables high quality re-granulate - clean PE flakes allow production of recycled granulates with physical properties equal to virgin PE. There is a significant reduction of energy and water for recycling process, and recycled material can be reused seven times in the same film application (film-to-film recycling). This enables circular use of flexibles, providing the highest reduction of CO2 footprint of films.


CleanBlueTech units can be integrated into existing recycling lines. The output capacity of one CleanBlueTech can be between 1,500 kg/hour and 3,000 kg/hour (3,300 lbs/hour- 6,600 lbs/hour). Solvent-based washing is suitable for water-stressed region, and Blue Plastics is going to set up joint venture partnerships for fast commercial deployment of CleanBlueTech worldwide.  


Technical feasibility was validated with the construction of a pilot plant, and the quality of the resulting granulates was validated by partners. Blue Plastics B.V. has established a plan for the next steps towards the scaling up and commercialization of the technology, based on years of experience of its  team members. It has  the support of a strong network of stakeholders that span from plastic converters to waste management and regulatory entities.

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